Monday, November 30, 2009

A Powerful Prayer of a Mom

When your child is sick, as a mother you would always wish that the pain will be on you and not on your baby. How we always wanted our babies to be healthy and strong. But when they're sick, we feel twice their pain. If babies can only talk and tell you what they feel so you can give the right cure. Babies only cry, that's their way of expressing their feeling. If he's hurt he will cry, if he's hungry he will cry, if his nappy is full he'll cry, if he wants something else he will cry. Sleepless nights come with it. You just have to try and do everything just to make him stop crying and satisfy him with what he wants.

I actually experienced my child's sickness transferred on me. I went to church this Sunday and prayed that my son will be well and I will take all the sickness that he got just to make him okay. He has a mouth sore and he can't drink his milk. And milk is his main food and there's no substitute for it. Then when I got home I ate lunch and I accidentally bit my lower lip. This happened three times on the same spot and I saw blood. Late afternoon I tried bottle feeding my baby and you know what? He finished his six ounces of milk! Then the next day I accidentally bit again my lower lip on the same spot twice. Now my sore is big but I can handle myself, and my son is getting well. I'm happier that he is getting well now, and I still pray that he will get his appetite back. God is good! He listens and works with our prayers right away.

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