Friday, August 28, 2009


Hi bloggers, right now I'm not feeling well. I was sneezing for more than ten times, and my nose and throat are hurting. I just hope this is not what they call the swine flu or A(H1N1). Water and rest is still the best treatment for common colds or flu. But whats saddens me Marick also has it. I don't want him to be sick, but what can I do. I am the only one taking care of him right now. He was also sneezing for more that 10 times. I just hope this won't be complicated on him. How I wish that I'm the only one who'll get sick and not him. As much as possible I want him always healthy and strong. We will have his flu vaccine next month and right now he is already infected. No medicines for him yet coz he's still a baby. I hope and pray he will be well later.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

First step

I got Marick's first pair of shoes on his eighth month. I gave it to him as a gift. I put them on his feet, and guess what? It did not fit him. The size that I bought was for six to nine months old, but the size of his feet was for nine months onwards. He is only eight months old! I should have drawn the size of his right foot on a paper and brought it to the store so I can have the exact size or better yet have an allowance so when he grows a little inch he can still use the same shoes. So I went back to the store the next day and have it exchanged. Now the shoes fits him with socks on so he can practice walking. He can now stand for more that five minutes and now he should practice making little steps. Never Never Never use a walker for you child, that's what Dr. Gimenez, my pediatrician advised us. It only stresses the child to walk and is not helping him walk. Its only the parents who is happy seeing their child walk with the walker on, but the baby inside is getting stressed for doing it. The advisable thing to do is just hold your child with both hands supporting his arms and let him make his own step, put on the right pair of shoes and socks so he wont bruise his feet. Do that everyday so he'll get used to it. Later on you might see him walking on his own.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Marick's sponsors

I would like to take this blog opportunity to thank my cousins in giving me their little babies clothes. Well, all their babies were grown up. Mga napaglakihan na nila yung mga yun. Its a good thing that they were able to keep it, and now Marick is using them. Also they were able to give us the high chair, crib, and the stroller. Its really big savings for me! For those who are buying stuffs for their infants, make sure you don't buy too many because infants grow very fast. In just a few weeks they grow, like your blowing on air on them. Look at the sizes and maybe its good to buy clothes that you can use for at least three months so you won't have to buy every week. Thanks to my cousins Ate Lea and Ate Marnie for giving it to Marick. Also to my nephews and niece Joseph Dominic, Jacob Marcus, and Mikaella.

Ironing Clothes

Here I am again, watching my son as he plays alone in his crib. As if he has his own world when he's inside, I just imagine him saying "I can do everything here mom." Well, while he's busy I also am busy ironing his clothes. After the clothes were dried I iron them. I iron them everytime to avoid small insects getting inside it that may harm my baby boy's skin. Sometimes, we don't notice the little ants or just a very small insect in the hemmings. Even if its only one it can still bite and can harm. So to make sure, always iron your babies clothes, bib, lampin, covers, and socks, and everything that touches his skin before using it on him.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Big Boy

Hi to all moms reading my blog and also to those who are moms-to-be and wanting to be a mom. Hehehe! I hope you are learning from my experience. It's also nice to read books about babies, taking care of your babies, or about being a mother. For all we know, they are just babies once and they grew up very fast. First an infant, then a toddler, soon they'll be in pre-school, then elementary as a young kid, then come highschool as a teenager, and then college as a young adult. Hmmm... We still have to go through lots of things to help them grow and become good individuals when they grow up. Sometimes I tell Marick "big boy ka na!", as what I see from a milk commercial. I just can't imagine that he will also be like that little boy in the tv ad.

Is Sterilized water good for infants?

I read from a book that infants should drink sterilized water at least up to the age of 12 months. This is the period when babies are more susceptible to waterborne disease and infection. Common water diseases cause diarrhea which can severely dehydrate and comprise and infant's health. Chemical contaminants in drinking water can also have serious health effects on infants and young children causing irreversible learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, mental retardation, and at high levels cancer, coma and death.

Sterilization is a process that kills all forms of bacterial, viral, and parasitic microorganisms. Water can be sterilized by boiling, however, proper care must be taken to ensure that boiled water is not contaminated during cooling and transferring to other containers. When it comes to bottles water, only sterilized water is recommended for direct use by infants. Bottled water that is not sterilized - ie. spring, mineral, and distilled - should be boiled and cooled prior to infant use.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Answer to Insect Bites

Insect bites usually come from mites, spiders and ticks; centipedes; mosquitoes and gnats; fleas; ants, bees and wasps; lice and bedbugs. The usual reaction is an itchy lump in the area of the bite. Insects not only bite, but also cause irritation to the skin. Insect bites can be single or multiple, depending on the feeding habits of the insect - fleas may produce multiple bites mosquitoes may bite only once. Bee and wasp stings can bolster a victims immune system but multiple stings can cause a serious allergic reaction called anaphylactic shock.

Call your doctor if the child shows symptoms of anaphylactic shock - difficulty in breathing or swallowing after being bitten, has an obviously infected bite, or ther are multiple bites around the eyes that caused marked swelling.
Two must-have plants in the home garden are chrysanthemums and marigolds - these emit certain chemicals in the air that can repel and knock off insect pests. Plant-based insect repellents are effective against mosquitoes, flees, flies, and ticks - and aren't harmful to humans.

First Tooth

Marick showed his first sign of having a tooth on his fourth month, when he started drooling and biting the nipple of his bottle. If I'm still breastfeeding him at that time that would hurt. So I bought him a teether that he can bite on. I chose a small and thin teether that he can easily hold and munch on. Masyado syang nanggigigil sa teether nya! I got it from chicco for I think 200 pesos. You just have to wash it with soap and water and pour in boiled water to make it clean and safe. The teether cannot be sterilized because it may melt. After onw week of getting a teether, I saw on his lower gums a white thing coming out. And that was his first front tooth!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sponge Bob

I remember the first toy that I gave him was a stuffed toy. I did not actually buy it, it was given to me as a birthday gift. It was a sponge bob stuffed toy. I decided to put it in his crib because its soft, its not furry (like most of the stuffed toys) so he won't inhale any furry dust, and easy to grab. The first time he grabbed it he immediately put it in his mouth and started biting it. He still don't have any signs of teeth coming out at that time, but I guess that's most babies first instinct. To put whatever thay hold inside their mouth. So before you leave your baby inside the crib make sure that there is nothing near him that can choke and can easily be broken when bitten.

Contagious Laugh

It was one morning when Marick was not in the mood for sleeping. He wanted to play... of course with me! I gave him some toys to grasp on and play. Then i tried playing "eat bulaga" with him, and I was shocked that he liked it and was laughing all the time whenever I say "eeaat bulaga!" With the digital camera on the side I recorded this memorable moment the first time I heard him giggle so much! Watch this video and I know you will also be carried away by his contagious laugh.

Monday, August 10, 2009

First words

Marick can now say mamamam, papapapa, tatatata.. it's really music to my ears when I hear him say mamama. But based on what I've read, babies don't literally call their mother when they say that. It's just the easiest way of starting to mumble words. With the words mamamam you just have to move your upper and lower lip and then you created a sound. Whenever he is irritated or if he wanted to do something he always say mamamam. When I hear him say that, I go to him give him his toys or sit him down so he can play with it. Sometimes what he just need is milk so he can sleep. Another wight gain for him.

What does it mean when a baby cries?

Why do babies cry? It's not always clear exactly why, but you can be sure when your baby cries he is trying to tell you something isn't right. It is their main form of communicating to you.

Babies don’t cry to annoy you, or because they are naturally naughty or grumpy, babies just cry, it’s what they do. Some babies seem to be more sensitive to change and discomfort than others are, but ignoring their cries won't make them change. Usually a cuddle with mom or dad is all that is needed to help settle your baby. He loves the feeling of security he finds in your arms, your smell and just being near you.
Fortunately, crying hardly ever indicates a major physical problem or illness. Yet if you are worried about it, then ask for your doctor's advice, to rule out any illness.

In the majority of cases, crying babies are healthy, even babies who cry for a long time, and at least once a day. Your doctor will be able to reassure you your baby's developing well.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Everyday I sing to my baby the aphabet song. I started making him listen to music when he was on his first month. Actually even before I gave birth I listen to music coz what I learned from some books and tv information that listening to music helps babies become intelligent. It helps stimulate their brain. I make sure he listens to nursery rhymes and classical music like sonatas, mozart, beethoven, something like that. I bought a cd and transferred it to my ipod and just connect it to a speaker. Now that he's a little big baby whenever I sing the alphabet song he smiles. That's his way of saying that he liked the song.

Father's day

Last June we went out to celebrate Father's day. It was actually an advance celebration coz we celebrated a week earlier. We ate at Shakeys located at the basement of SM Megamall building B. I chose to sit on the couch so we can have space for Marick. We waited for other customers to finish, we were on the line then our turn came. We ordered for a Family package that is good for five that includes one family pizza, chicken and chips, carbonara platter and a pitcher of iced tea. We had fun, nice conversation with my family, and my little Marick who has his own world. Of course, he still can't eat pizza, which is my favorite. But he was amazed with the new food in front of him. Its round and the color is more of red. He tried to reach but I did not allow him to. I just made fun of him and took a picture, hehe! And here it is..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Marick's weight

Do you know how much my baby weighs? He is only eight months old and right now he is already nine kilos almost twenty pounds! And as day goes by he gets heavy and heavier and heavier. On his first months he started with two ounces of milk in a small bottle and now that he is on the eighth month he can consume six ounces! Every two to three hours is his feeding time. Aside from taking Cerelac, in a day he can consume thirty six ounces! Don't you think its too much for a baby that's why he grew heavy like this? But of course I can't put him on a diet, I'll just have to give what he needs. Oh! Its feeding time, here's another milk for you baby...

Wife of an OFW

Hi to all readers of my blog! I'm really excited on sharing with you my experience of being a first time mom on taking care of my son. Well right now its just me who's taking care of him. His dad or my husband is in abroad right now to work for the future of our family. What's really sad is he did not get to experience to hold his son when he was born. He was not allowed to have a vacation because of the crisis that the world is experiencing. How I wish that we will be complete on our child's first birthday. And that would be in December. Being a wife of an OFW is tough, coz you're separated physically but we have constant communication through text, chat, and call. Thanks to the inventors of the new technology that we can reach the other side of the world with your creations!

Friday, August 7, 2009

IPV vaccine

Last Saturday, we went to the doctor for Marick's monthly check up. He was scheduled to have a vaccine for IPV (Invasive Pneumococcal Vaccine). Sorry if I misspelled it but in short its IPV. This vaccine costs a lot, so for moms out there be sure that you have saved for this kind of vaccine. If you want to know how much, its 5,500 pesos. If this vaccine can protect my baby then why not spend for it. It maybe too expensive if he is not protected and will be hospitalozed. This helps protect our babies from dangerous pneumonia which attack babies less than 5 yrs old. Its good that reading baby books and also with the advice of my pediatrician helps me in protecting my baby. Thanks to Dr. Fatima Gimenez of Victor Potenciano Medical Center.

Buying tips

Here are some useful tips that can help in buying your baby a Portable Rocker or Bouncer. These can be very useful when your baby is young and they can grow with them. Some rockers have adjustable heights to the backrest and if it has this feature can be used as their first chair for feeding. Always check for these safety features:

* Ensure the base is wide and sturdy to prevent it from tipping over.
* Ensure the rocker/bouncer has a “five point” safety harness.
* The rocker is designed to be used only at floor level.
* Always check the area for potential hazards.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Holding the bars

As of now, my beloved Marick loves standing with his hands holding the side bars of his crib. But of course, he still can't do that on his own. He needs my strength to hold him so he can stand up. His legs and arms are getting strong as each day passes by. As what the elders say, "matigas na ang tuhod." There was one time that he was able to raise himself without my help! I just have to put on more pillows on his sides so he won't get hurt when he fall. Again, that's a big achievement for him and double happiness for me! =)

Look over

Hi everyone, just done cleaning our room. I guess its been two weeks that I wasn't able to clean it. By the way, Marick and I sleep in my room so I can monitor him everytime. When he is sleeping, just a single move he does I easily get awaken. Maybe thats the real responsibility of being a parent, you have to look over your child everytime. And sometimes just a single minute that you were busy with something, your baby might be off the bed or maybe eating something or worse getting accident. I don't want to take risk that's why I want my baby in a place where I can see him and everything that he is doing. I don't want my negligence to cost his life.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I Hate You!

I hate mosquitoes!!! I just saw today that Marick has a mosquito bite in his right leg. It was red and swollen! I even put anti mosquito lotion on is arms and legs, but I guess it did not have any effect to that monster mosquito. I used to put "kulambo" or the mosquito net on his crib but whenever he wakes up he cries so loudly like screaming while crying. I think he was scared of the net and maybe he feels like a prisoner. So I just kept the net in the cabinet. My pediatrician said as much as possible avoid spraying chemicals that it maybe dangerous for babies to smell. Then my solution to this, I'll have to kill that monster mosquito with my bare hands! I hate you!

A Day In The Park

Yesterday, we went to the park so Marick can see different things. He was in his stroller and we are with his Tita Beck-Beck. He keeps on staring to moving objects like leaves in the trees, birds flying, and dogs in the street. As the wind blows the leaves in the trees birds come chirping. Now he is amazed that some objects are moving. While outside he did not even cry or showed tiredness. He was so active and smiling whenever there are people looking at him and saying hello. Then my sister and I sat on a bench near the church and bought some banana cue to eat and just watched him watch other things in the park. Later we will do that again.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New stuff

I just bought my son today his baptismal clothes. Just bought it in a department store in Ortigas. Ok its in SM Megamall! I always buy stuffs for my baby in that store coz I have variety of choices. If I can't find one thing in the department store, I just look for boutiques that sells baby stuffs. So its like a one stop shop when you visit the mall. Everything you need is there. Just a few steps then you're in another store. If the mall is big, well that must be more steps and more walks! Before I choose the right clothes I make sure that its the best choice for him. I meticulously look on the kind of cloth it was made of, if the stitches or hemings are good, if he will feel comfortable with it, and if the price is right! Thanks to the Malls that we have now in our country, it makes buying easy.

First spoon

I started feeding Marick when he was six months old. As my pediatrician said, start with soupy food so it won't be hard for him to adjust. Don't make it thick to avoid constipation. Coz from bottle milk to spoon fed food is a huge transition for him. I introduced him Cerelac (wheat banana and mik) stage one, and after first few spoons he began to like it. The taste was a bit sweet because of the banana content. Then after 3 days I started to mix the erelac with mashed squash. When he first taste it, I can't figure out his face! I laughed coz of his reaction. But the pediatrician said its just normal coz his taste buds is reacting to a new food. Start with vegetables so he will like it when he grows. And I told my son, "ok you should get used to it!"

Cry Baby

I just want to share an experience when I gave birth to my first child. Well as you know, I'm a first time mom! When I was brought to the hospital on December 28, 2008, I felt mixed emotions. I'm excited to see my baby (if he looks like me), and I was also nervous of the hurt that I will go through inside the delivery room, and I don't know if I will make it. Nine months of having him in my womb is not easy, and now I have to push him out of it. With the help of my doctors, I successfully gave birth to a 6.3 lbs baby boy! Woooh! That was such a relief and seeing him the first time was really amazing. I couldn't even imagine that he came from me. All the pain was worth it! And when I heard him cry I felt happiness. Coz for me, hearing my baby cry the first time means that he is healthy and very much alive! Then I was groggy coz of my anesthesia, and just woke up in the recovery room after two hours.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Bath tub

Hi everyone... I'm about to bathe my baby Marick today. Coz you know what? He smells maasim na. Hehehe! That's why he needs to have a good and clean body to avoid viruses and bacteria which causes babies to be sick. A bathe of twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening before he sleeps, is enough so that he feels fresh and may help to get him to sleep soundly. During the day, if he gets dirty because of playing I just wipe his hands and face with a clean wet towel. And also whenever he makes poopoo, I wash him with running water so he wont get diaper rash. He seems to like it whenever he feels water on his body, he want to touch it and hold it in his hand. But of course, you can't hold water right? I just love watching him doing that. =)


Hay nako ang anak ko, sanay na sa paghele para makatulog siya. Medyo nasanay kasi when he was still little, mga 1 - 2 months old pa lang yata. And you know who taught me about doing it? Who else but my mother, his mamita! Grand parents also play a big role in bringing up their grand child. How they brought us up is also the same thing that we are going to do when we bring up our own child. They brought us up and now we're bringing up our own. As what the common saying says, "madaling gumawa ng bata, pero mahirap maging magulang."

Another Day

Just another normal day today.. me and my son Marick again. Woke up early coz I heard him making noise. He's trying to mumble words, like he was talking to himself or maybe playing with an "angel". I woke up and watched him discreetly on what he was doing. Watching him makes me smile coz he is beginning to do new things. Its a great feeling for a mom like me to see your child discovering new movements. I saw him raising his feet and touching it with his two hands! Wow! That is a great achievement or him that he was able to reach his feet! Also a double achievement for me of course..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Unang Hirit

Last year, my sister was interviewed in GMA 7's morning show Unang Hirit. The segment was about unique names. Her name is Norbecks Lamina, a combination of our parents name Norman and Rebecca. They also tackled about the filipino tradition of giving names and what it means, like the names that you have to repeat for example Joy-Joy. Watch the video so you'll know what I'm talking about.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I am currently organizing my baby's baptismal which will be on Sept. 27, 2009. It was not that easy but its all worth it coz I'm doing these things for him. I want you all to meet my wonderful son Marick. He's about 8 months old. He loves standing, playing, and I love to hear his giggles whenever we play around.

I already registered to the church and had my reservation to the restaurant for this event. For the souvenirs, I even went to Divisoria to have a less expensive animal clips for my 130 guests. I just hope they won't get double.

See you all Ninongs ad Ninangs for Marick's baptismal!