Thursday, September 24, 2009

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That's My Favorite

mommy moments

Now that's my favorite pose with my son Marick! I was holding the camera and playing with it, and he was so game to smile with me. He wasn't having trantrums at that time. He was on a very good mood. Seeing your child smiling somehow lifts up your spirit and making your whole day so bright or with just one smile it makes your day. Even if your tired from work and when you come home and see your child smiling at you, wow! It really pays off all the pressure that you had from the office. Marick makes my day, and he is my life. That's my favorite pose!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How to Change Diapers

Before you start changing your baby's diapers, make sure you have all the necessary supplies within reach. Never leave your baby alone on the changing table or bed-not even for a second. It may not take long before he turns over, and in case he does, it may result in serious injury.

You will need:
- A clean diaper
- Ointment or petroleum jelly (only if the baby has a rash)
- Cotton balls
- A small basin with lukewarm water and wash cloth.

To do it: (for first time parents)
<.> Remove the dirty diaper and use lukewarm water and cotton to gently wipe your baby clean. Wipe from front to back on female infants. Use the damp washcloth to wipe the diaper area.
<.> Put on the new diaper. You can experiment with various ways of folding washable diapers until you find the one that is easiest for you and most effective for your baby. Every method depends on your baby's size and sex. If you use disposable diapers, refer to the instructions on the package.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Be religious with diaper change

Wet or soiled diapers not only give your baby discomfort. They can also cause skin irritation and result in diaper rash. It is a golden rule to always keep your baby's diapers clean and dry. Change them as often as necessary. And in each change, wash your baby's bottom or genital area with warm water and then wipe dry, especially after pooping.

Try to avoid commercial baby wipes that may contain alcohol and other chemicals that can dry and irritate your child's skin. Stick to the traditional wet and fresh, soapy wash cloths for cleaning her bottom and follow through with plain, warm water for rinsing.

Drying the area that has been cleansed is essential to prevent bacteria from latching on to wet skin. After wiping with a soft towel, leave your baby's bottom to be refreshed by natural air for a while before putting on a new diaper.

Whether you use disposable or cloth diaper does not matter. Whichever you use, making sure that your baby is always dry is the best and most effective way to keep him comfortable, clean, fresh, and rash free.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Reminders for bathing your baby

= Don't bathe your baby when he is full or has just finished feeding. This will make him uncomfortable. There is also a possibility that he would vomit ingested food or milk.

= To avoid accidental drowning, the tub must be wide enough for him but not too deep. Place is on a stable structure, such as the kitchen counter or table.

= To avoid accidental scalds and burns, our cold water into the tub first before adding hot water. Gauge the water's temperature by dipping your elbow or the inside of your wrist into the water.

= Make sure that everything you need is within reach. This would save you time and effort.

= Never leave you baby alone. If you must leave, take him with you. Also, never take your hands off you baby during bath.

= Make sure to have a nonslip mat or rubber mat to prevent slipping. A tub is less slippery if you put a towel under it.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wash your hands

The entire time you spend with your baby is composed of touching, holding, feeding, swaying, and slightly tapping him to sleep, carrying, and cuddling him. How can you not? He's just an adorable little angle with your husband's nose, your eyes, your mom's skin color, and your dad's hair all rolled into one. Since most of these activities require you or your husband to make contact with your baby, the first rule in raising a healthy, illness-free, clean, and freshly smelling baby is to wash your hands before each contact. Especially on the first two weeks of your baby's experience out in the world, bacteria and viruses can easily latch on to the soft, supple skin and small body.

Wash your hands with mild soap under running water for at least a minute before carrying or touching your child. You can easily pass on bacteria or viruses to your baby especially if you have just come from outside the house. Your child's immune system is not yet fully developed, making him extra susceptible to almost all kinds of harmful microorganisms. So it is important that you exercise extra caution in how you handle you child.

Ask everyone, visitors especially, who want to hold you baby to do the same. You may also have a mild liquid antibacterial soap and fresh tissues ready for visitors who want to see you little bundle of joy. Allowing visitors only after six to eight weeks will give your baby ample time to establish her immune system. Be careful not to let your baby come in contact to a sick person too.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ways to prevent diaper rash

The following strategies can help prevent diaper rash:

-> Do not use baby wipes that have chemicals that degrade the skin's natural protective barrier. A thin layer of petroleum jelly can ease any irritating friction.

-> Choose diapers that keep the baby as dry as possible. If your baby wears disposables, it may help to loosen the elastic bands around the leg to permit air circulation. Snug diapers help you baby's skin to breathe. But be prepared for occasional leaks.

-> Expose your baby's bottom to fresh air as often as possible.

-> Rinse clothe diapers well. Soap or chemical residue the diaper can cause skin irritation and diaper rash.

-> If diaper rash develops and the skin is dried out, you may need to use a lotion or ointment; if it is a moist rash, use a drying lotion. Ordinary diaper rash usually clears in three to four days with appropriate care. If it does not, consult a pediatrician.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Pointers for your baby's hair and skin care products

- Buy soaps and shampoos that are very gentle yet effective in cleaning your baby's skin and hair. They should be mildly scented or unscented with neutral pH.

- Petroleum jelly moisturizes your baby's skin and prevents chafing. It also guards against diaper rash.

- Baby colognes and scents should be used on your baby sparingly. Scents, no matter how mild, may trigger an allergic reaction.

- Don't shake out the powder from its container directly on your baby's skin. Instead put a small amount on your palm and then apply it. Be careful when using powder to make sure you baby does not inhale it.

- Products on newborns and older babies are supposed to be baby friendly. Theses have to be made from non-allergenic and nontoxic materials or substances.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sleeping angel

Most of the time, I watch my little angel sleep. Sometimes he sleeps with his mouth open or his hands on his forehead. But most of the time, he finds comfort sleeping with both of his feet raised on a pillow. I have observed that for several months that I have been watching him sleep or what things he does before he gets to sleep. He likes a soft clothe on his hand and scrubbing it on his face, so I give him "lampin" for that, and I put his feet on a pillow so he can sleep more soundly. Of course, he can't sleep without a bottle of milk in his mouth. I think that is his sleeping pill! Kidding aside, I also make sure that the clothe won't block his nose so he can breathe. If he is on deep sleep, that's the time I only go to my own bed.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

BIrthday month

On my time right now is 12:21am, and yes I'm still up and I can't sleep. So I'm here blogging about what my son and I did today. We went to the church today to pray and also to receive God's blessings. I want my son and I will bring up my son to be a God fearing individual. I will instill in him that every Sunday is the Lord's day and we should go to church and spend even for an hour with the Lord. We have seven days in a week and each day has twenty four hours. In just one day we will just spend one hour of peace and prayer.

In our church, if its the first Sunday of the month, people who will be celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries were called in front for a blessing. So Marick and I went in front, coz September is my birthday month! After the blessing, the whole parishioners sang the happy birthday song.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The bars

Hello readers! I would just like to share a little update about my wonderful son Marick, he is now starting to lift himself in order to stand. He holds on the bars of the crib to help himself stand on his two feet without even my help. That is another big achievement for him! And I'm really proud of what he has been improving on. Later on he will learn to walk on his own. But for now, he's still learning to stand. Sometimes he didn't knew that if he remove his hand from the bar he will fall with his butt first. So I support his hand on the crib so he won't take it off. When he stands he make this gesture of moving showing that he's happy standing. Its a different kind of feeling when you see your child starting to do things on his own. But for now, he is still my baby!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Smile... click!

I think Marick is starting to be camera conscious. Whenever he sees the camera and I say smile, he smiles! Isn't it good for an eighth month old baby that he knows the word smile? Coz when I say smile I also smile so he can mimic me. Well maybe that's the reason why he is smiling. He i such a "bibo" kid. Sometimes when he sees someone new he smiles. I'm proud that he can do that little gesture on his own. Even my doctor said that he is a happy baby coz when she saw him and started talking to him, Marick smiled! Wow! That's another achievement for him and for me too. I just hope that he will still do these things when he grow up.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"ber months"

Hello readers! We are now in the month of September. Here in the Philippines, the start of "ber months" means Christmas is fast approaching. This is the start of having some weather change in our country. Nights will be longer and cold, so be sure to have your jacket on. And with our kids, they love these ber months because establishments, houses and the streets start to have their own Christmas decorations and Christmas lights all over, and the radio stations start playing Christmas songs. This is going to be my first Christmas with my son, and I also hope that his father can come home and have some vacation. I feel excited and its only September, haha! My mother told me to buy a new Christmas tree so her apo can see how Christmas looks like. I will make Marick's first Christmas a memorable one!